Month: September 2020

Transparency with Diana B.: Six Years Sober

Transparency with Diana B.: Six Years Sober

Growing up in the 1970s in the bay area of California, Tim Brisson never had alcoholism in his family. But he was raised with the notion that “children were to be seen and not heard,” so he grew up not knowing how to deal with his emotions, feelings and disappointments in life. 

So later in life, after he had gone through law school and become a partner in a patent law firm, he turned to alcohol as a way to numb his feelings. As a partner at that firm, Brisson says the job was hard, stressful and involved a lot of travel, away from his family. The pressure got to him, as it does many attorneys, who tend to experience problematic drinking at higher rates than other professionals. 

In this episode of Transparency, Managing Editor Diana Britton is joined by Tim Brisson, an estate planning attorney in Auburn, Calif., who shares his journey with alcoholism and recovery. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How alcohol got a hold of Tim
  • How music and his faith have been healing factors in his life
  • Background on Alcoholics Anonymous
  • How his experience overcoming alcoholism has shaped his work as an estate attorney 
  • How he became a law enforcement chaplain
  • What his work as a chaplain can teach us about addiction and recovery
  • How folks with family or friends who struggle with addiction can offer support
  • And more.

Tune in, as Tim shares his experience and advice for those struggling with addiction. 

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