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The Healthy Advisor: Living With Major Recurring Depression With Davis Janowski

The Healthy Advisor: Living With Major Recurring Depression With Davis Janowski

Trigger warning: This episode discusses content some listeners may find upsetting.

Journalist Davis Janowski grew up in the Panhandle of Florida, where he grew accustomed to sunny weather and developed a deep passion for the great outdoors. But when he moved to Syracuse, N.Y., at age 25 for grad school, the cold weather and lack of sunlight and exercise began to impact his mental health. The stress of a full workload at school, as well as a part-time job further exacerbated the problem.

The pressure became so much for him to handle that one day he decided he was going to take his life. Luckily, a friend called him right at that moment; Davis told him what he’d done, and emergency crews came to help.

That was the first step in Davis’s journey of being diagnosed with major recurring depression and getting help and the right treatments for this mental illness.

In this episode, Diana Britton, managing editor of, is joined by Davis Janowski, senior technology editor of, who opens up for the first time publicly about his years-long battle with depression, and how his love for kayaking and being out on the open water has helped bring him out of it.

Davis discusses: 

  • When he learned he had depression and how he reacted
  • His attempt at suicide
  • How he came back from a dark place
  • When his depression came back years later
  • What he learned about treating his Depression and anxiety during his hospital stay at Tisch
  • How therapy has helped with his Depression
  • How kayaking, paddle boarding and being outdoors has helped improve his quality of life, as well as his Depression symptoms


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About Our Guest: 

Davis Janowski is a career journalist who has done stints with FinTech startups and as an analyst. Along the way his work has appeared in the New York Times and many other publications. While much of his focus has been in the FinTech sector for the last 13 years, Davis also has extensive experience in evaluating technology and tech products. His career in tech journalism began at PC Magazine, where Davis tested and reviewed consumer and business products and managed a team of editors, technicians and analysts. He also spent six years covering FinTech for InvestmentNews, where he was a technology reporter and columnist and also spoke frequently at industry conferences. 

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