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The Healthy Advisor: Overcoming Limited Opportunities and a Learning Disorder with Heather Kelly

The Healthy Advisor: Overcoming Limited Opportunities and a Learning Disorder with Heather Kelly

Facing the hurdles of disadvantaged youth, Heather Kelly’s life was marked by a single mother, a disabled sister, and limited opportunities. She moved out of her home in Ozone Park, Queens, at the young age of 16. On top of that, she has struggled with dyslexia, a learning disorder and neurological condition that posed additional challenges in her educational journey.

Despite these obstacles, Heather climbed the corporate ladder and become a very successful executive in the insurance and wealth management industries, a mentor to many, and a sought-after speaker at industry events. And she did all that without a college degree (although she recently achieved that as well).  

In this episode, Diana Britton, managing editor of WealthManagement.com, is joined by Heather Kelly, owner of Kelly Like Consulting and formerly with Allianz, Goldman Sachs, and United Capital. Her story shows how determination, a strong support system, and an indomitable spirit can triumph over adversity.

Heather discusses: 


  • Her struggles growing up with a single mom and disabled sister
  • How she found out about her dyslexia and the challenges associated with it
  • How dyslexia has shaped who she is today
  • Her journey into financial services
  • The relationship with her sister and how she inspired Heather
  • The impact of her mentors and supportive team members


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About Our Guest:

Heather Kelly is a seasoned senior executive and board member who leverages a competitive spirit, strategic vision, and strong work ethic to achieve results. As a senior distribution executive and board member at Allianz, Heather significantly advanced the FinTech strategy and New Market endeavors while enhancing and growing core distribution to record levels. New Market strategies include the RIA channel, launching an asset management offering, buffered outcome ETFs, and employer markets business line. Another critical area of impact is her role as a lead member of the transformation team, fostering and facilitating company-wide change management. Equally notable is her previous executive management role with one of the largest national independent RIAs in the country, United Capital, building the first successful national RIA insurance platform and the FinLife 360 platform, which embodied all products and services that amplified the adviser experience.

If you have a struggle and wish to share your experiences and help others in similar situations, please reach out to Diana at diana.britton@informa.com.

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Transparency With Diana B.: The Gifts and Trials That Come With Dyslexia

Transparency With Diana B.: The Gifts and Trials That Come With Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the most common of all neurocognitive disorders, but contrary to what many may believe, some of the most innovative people in the country have dyslexia, including Charles Schwab and Bill Gates, to name a few. There are so many benefits and gifts that come with dyslexia, if only our society embraced people with the disorder and knew how to harness it. 

Advisor Daren Blonski is also in that camp, having struggled with dyslexia throughout his life. From an early age, he would be filled with anxiety when teachers would call on him to read aloud. Once he entered college, he was officially tested and discovered he had dyslexia, changing his plans for college. But he always had to work harder than others to succeed in academia. After years of diligent work, he graduated and went on to become successful within the financial industry. 

Diana Britton, managing editor of WealthManagement.com is joined by Blonski, managing principal of Sonoma Wealth Advisors. He recounts his experiences with dyslexia and how the challenges shaped him as a person. He also discusses the impact of dyslexia on society, the success of some and the challenges even more face.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About his early life with dyslexia 
  • How his work ethic and efforts got him through school
  • How his struggles have shaped his outlook on life and career 
  • The lessons he learned by facing his struggles
  • About the gifts that dyslexia can bring to a person 
  • What one prison in Texas can teach us about phonemic awareness and larger societal issues 
  • And more.

Tune in now to discover the benefits and struggles of those with dyslexia.

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