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The Healthy Advisor: Leaning Into a Diagnosis in the Family With Will Hoffman

The Healthy Advisor: Leaning Into a Diagnosis in the Family With Will Hoffman

At just 10 years old, William Hoffman’s son Liam was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF), a rare genetic condition that causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body. When Will and his family got the news, they could have succumbed to despair. 

Instead, Will leaned into it, and has made it his mission to find a cure for Liam and set an example for his sons around overcoming the struggles that life may deal you. He and his wife have been active participants in the NF community, raising awareness and money for a cure. 

In this episode, WealthManagement.com Managing Editor Diana Britton speaks with Hoffman, founder of Hoffman Wealth Management, about his journey with Liam’s diagnosis and his dedication to raising awareness about the struggles of those with NF.

Will focuses on: 

  • How Liam’s diagnosis impact Will and the family
  • How it reshaped his priorities in business and life
  • How he is raising awareness for this diagnosis
  • Why families must stay together and lean on their support system during difficult times
  • Why mental health awareness is important for financial advisors


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