The Healthy Advisor: Using Wealth to Improve Your Health With James Bogart

The Healthy Advisor: Using Wealth to Improve Your Health With James Bogart

As a busy and often stressed-out executive at one of the top RIAs in the country, James Bogart found himself neglecting his well-being, resulting in weight gain and various health issues. 

A series of hospital visits prompted him to hire a concierge doctor and a nutritionist, leading to a remarkable 70-pound weight loss over the course of several months.  

In this episode, Diana Britton, managing editor at, is joined by James Bogart, CEO and president at Bogart Wealth. James shares his personal journey through health and wellness, revealing the importance of paying attention to your physical and mental well-being.

James explores:

  • His lifestyle before he lost the weight 
  • Why he went on his personal health journey
  • How his career contributed to his personal health struggles
  • What changes he made to his daily routine and diet to benefit his health
  • How mindfulness played into his journey
  • What challenges he faced in implementing health and wellness initiatives in the workplace and social settings


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About Our Guest:

A seasoned wealth advisor, James Bogart takes personal pride in assisting executives, entrepreneurs and professionals pursue their dreams through striking, highly customized financial planning strategies. As Principal of Bogart Wealth, he focuses both on maintaining the highest level of customer service and attention to detail possible, and on seeking to deliver the most effective technology, reporting tools and analysis to every Bogart Wealth client.


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